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Welcome to the International Society for Coaching Psychology: An International Professional body

ANNOUNCEMENT:  9th International Congress of Coaching Psychology, London, 10-11 October, 2019.  Further details to be announced soon! To be hosted by the International Society for Coaching Psychology. Location: The National Council for Voluntary Organisations, London N1 9RL. 


We are an international professional membership body established to further the discipline and profession of coaching psychology. With the growing interest in coaching psychology around the world, The International Society for Coaching Psychology hopes to encourage the development of the theory, research and practice in coaching psychology and support coaching psychologists in their work. The international aspect of the Society is reflected in our Honorary Vice Presidents who are based in Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, USA, Greece, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.


Facilitator Prof Stephen Palmer.  Monday 22nd July 2013, 9.30-12.30.

An event hosted in association with the Centre for Business and Coaching Psychology, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh


The practice of coaching psychology may be described as a process for enhancing well-being and performance in personal life and work domains underpinned by models of coaching grounded in established adult and child learning or psychological theories and approaches. It is practised by qualified coaching psychologists who have a graduate degree in psychology, relevant post-graduate qualifications, and have undertaken suitable continuing professional development and supervised practice. Coaching psychologists provide services for individuals, teams, organisations and the community. 


If you are interested in the developing field and profession of coaching psychology do explore our website and consider joining The International Society for Coaching Psychology. If you are a graduate psychologist, state or country licensed psychologist you will be able to work towards our international certification or accreditation as a coaching psychologist. As a professional body, The Society encourages members to undertake Continuing Professional Development and Education and receive supervision. This will be an essential part of the accreditation and certification process. The Society holds a Register of Members. In 2017, we will be launching a list of members who provide pro bono services for the community.  


Coaching Psychology International (CPI) is the Journal of ISCP and includes a range of articles, papers, reports and International Updates.  For a limited period the current issue (11.1) is available here.


Prof Stephen Palmer PhD, ISCP International Centre for Coaching Psychology Research


Dr Giles St. J. Burch PhD, University of Auckland Business School, New Zealand

Prof Angela Clow PhD, University of Westminster, London, UK

Prof Sir Cary L. Cooper, CBE, PhD, Manchester University, UK

Dr Silvana Dini, Society for Coaching Psychology Italy, Italy

Prof Windy Dryden PhD, UK

Per Olof Eriksson, Coaching Psychology Group, Sweden

Dr Suzy Green, PhD, The Positivity Institute, Australia

Prof Zhijin Hou, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

Dr Lisbeth Hurni, PhD, Switzerland

Prof Carol Kauffman PhD, ABPP, Coaching & Positive Psychology Initiative, Harvard Medical School, Belmont, USA

Dr Travis Kemp, PhD, International Graduate School of Business, University of South Australia, Australia

Dr Otto Laske PsyD, IDM, USA

Dr Arnon Levy, Israel Association for Coaching Psychology

Prof Roy Moodley PhD, University of Toronto, Canada

Dr Aletta Odendaal, (SIOPSA IGCCP) South Africa

Hugh O'Donovan, Coaching Psychology Group (CPG), Division of Work Psychology (DWOP), Psychological Society of Ireland

Dr Astrid Palm-Beskow, Swedish Centre for Work Based Learning, Sweden

Prof Nuno Rebelo dos Santos PhD, Dept of Psychology, University of Évora, Portugal

Dr Anna-Rosa le Roux, (SIOPSA IGCCP) South Africa

Prof Charles D. Spielberger, University of South Florida, USA (In Memoriam)

Prof Reinhard Stelter PhD, Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Dr Ole Michael Spaten, Coaching Psychology Research Unit, Aalborg University, Denmark

Dr Anna Syrek-Kosowska, Poland

Dr  Vince Székely, Hungarian Psychological Association, Hungary

Professor Jinkook Tak, Graduate School of Education in Kwangwoon University, Seoul, Korea

Zsofia Anna Utry, Hungarian Association for Coaching Psychology, Hungary

Dr Vicki V. Vandaveer PhD, Past President, Division of Consulting Psychology (APA), US

Dr Patrick Williams, EdD, Founder of Institute for Life Coach Training, USA

Peter Zarris, MSc, Australia